3-D Numicon Shape Images with hollow centres

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With the image quality of digital resources becoming ever higher, it’s important to me to have the best looking presentations and graphics.

As a Numicon fan, I wasn’t too keen on the way that Numicon shapes looked on slides, so I worked out how to create my own.

Depending on your level of familiarity with PowerPoint’s advanced tools, you could create a set in as little as two to three hours. If you are less experienced it would be nearer a day!

Alternatively for the tiny sum of just £2, you can get this bundle – you get:

  1. A PowerPoint Presentation contains all ten images that can be copied and pasted into any presentation
  2. A Keynote presentation  with the same images
  3. A set of ten individual .png image files so that you can use these an unlimited number of times in ANY document.

Disclaimer: These are NOT Numicon shapes, nor are they produced or endorsed in any way by Numicon themselves.

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