Fluency Facts of The Week PDF (whole-school site licence)



Ask any primary teacher and they will tell you just how much children’s mathematical fluency has suffered in 2020, for obvious reasons. My colleagues and I have noticed it in our own school too, and so I have tried to create resources that meet the needs of our children – this book is part 2 of the fluency project. (Part one deals exclusively with getting times tables to stick in an enjoyable way – check it out here.) Part 3, the A3 Table Mats, are coming soon, hopefully by February 2021.

This set of 40 printable and downloadable weekly fluency fact sheets is enough to cover an entire school year. It covers ideas from Years R to 6. Each weekly page can be displayed in as many locations as you desire- classrooms,  the dining hall,  changing rooms, on the school gate, in reception, on notice-boards, in letters to parents: you are only limited by your imagination!

Each week, children will read, rehearse and recall facts in three categories – Number bonds, Mathematical vocabulary including measures, and Times Tables.

The set also comes with a guide as to how to ensure learning sticks using spaced recall techniques. Just one copy allows this to be used throughout your entire school.

On each day, children either learn or recall a few simple facts, and importantly in the case of calculations, they also see related facts. It’s not enough just to know that 4 fives are 20, unless you understand that this also must mean that 20÷4 is 5, for example.

Simply print out or email next week’s page every Friday and you’re all set for the following week!



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