Sudomicon Puzzles PDF and PowerPoint (Site Licence)



N.B. This is the site licence version of Sudomicon, meaning you can use it across one whole school. If you wish to use Sudomicon in just a single class or home, please click here (and save money).

At last, it’s ready! This project has come about as the result of combining the power of Numicon with the much-loved Sudoku puzzles. It was officially introduced to the education world on Tuesday 14th September 2021 during a Numicon Bitesize Webinar on ‘Puzzles and Problems with Numicon’.

Mathematical reasoning is always a tricky thing to get right, but this downloadable book will make a real difference to your pupils’ ability to reason and solve problems.

In order to offer  you maximum flexibility, this resource is presented in PowerPoint format, but with slides that are exactly A4-sized. This mean that the puzzles can either be solved on a screen by moving the shapes around, or printed out for solving on a table. Not only that, but we even provide you with s a PDF version – it’s already included a download with the purchase!

The idea of physically being able to move objects around is at the heart of the Numicon approach, of course. This encourages risk-taking as children often feel more willing to take risks and just ‘try’ something if they are not committing themselves to writing.

Those familiar with variation theory will quickly see that the 30 puzzles in this book have been meticulously scaffolded in terms of difficulty and support. For the first fifteen puzzles (sections 1 to 3), the pre-placed shapes cannot move, so even young children can try to solve these on screen without the risk of messing up the start position. And of course there is always the ‘undo’ function!

In sections 1 and 2, children need simply to ensure that each row and column contains each shape exactly once.

Section 3 introduces the idea that each quadrant within the grid must also contain each shape once. This starts to prepare them for the full 9 by 9 puzzles in section 5.

Section 4 builds on this, but now with 3 by 2 rather than 2 by 2 regions, and a larger grid size of 6 by 6.

Finally, in section 5, children are introduced to the full 9 by 9 grid, with 3 easy, 3 medium and 3 hard puzzles to challenge them. These should definitely be printed out, and recreated on a table. I don’t recommend trying to do these on the screen, although puzzle 22 does have a fixed background in case you wish to model solution strategies.

Remember, if you wish to use Sudomicon across the school you will need to purchase a site-licence instead: please click here.


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