“I’m Stuck!”

Could seeing Word Problems as transactions actually help? Every teacher will have come face-to-face with this from their students, and […]

The Power of Reflective Practice in Maths

I realise now that if I’m a better teacher than I used to be, it’s not because of the things I got right; it’s because of what I learnt from all the things I didn’t.

Smart Motorways

Why should we be concerned about Year 3, and what on earth do Smart Motorways have to do with it? […]

“I’m Stuck!”

For many children, it seems that even if their calculation skills are up to speed, being presented with a word […]

Leadership: a Parable

I have a confession. I hate gardening. I don’t possess either the skills or the patience to create beautiful landscapes. […]


Subject Association Conferences Reflection, April 2021 Easter is the time when both the Mathematical Association and the Association of Teachers […]

The Power of Gateway Questions

I’ve been experimenting with something I’m calling ‘Gateway Questions‘ this morning. This has come about because I am working with […]