In our experience working with schools is almost always a pleasure. We are all trying to achieve the same end goal, namely to help develop confident and competent young people, so there are rarely issues which arise during our work.

However, for the avoidance of doubt, we felt it wise to spell out a few things which will help us to ensure that the relationship between Magic Message, our consultants and our partner schools is a smooth and productive one.

Here is what you can expect from us:

Prompt communication   Although we do not answer calls or emails instantly, we aim to do so within 48 hours.

Careful attention to your needs  We have vast experience in working with young people in maths classrooms, and in helping teachers develop their skills, but you know your school better than we do, so we will always aim to tailor our bespoke training to your own identified needs.

A well-planned, research-based and excellently-delivered day  Our consultants aim to arrive at least an hour before the scheduled start of the day to allow plenty of time to set up. We will prepare notes as appropriate (but we do not give out our slides in advance as this is not good practice). We will not simply ‘lecture’; we know from research that teachers, like children, learn best when they are actively engaged rather than merely listening.

Expert consultants  Andrew is VERY selective about who he will use to deliver training; we have occasionally turned away work because we cannot find the perfect person to deliver it, as we value reputation and integrity ahead of profit.


Clarity re. invoice and costs  We have a set fee scale, depending on the number of delegates and schools attending. Mileage is 45ppm or public transport, and any overnight stays required are charged at £100 – there are NO hidden extras. For work outside the UK, please see our page on international support. 20% VAT is added to all invoices.

If it is more practical for the school, training can be delivered held online via Zoom or similar, and there are obviously no travel expenses added. For the forthcoming academic year, 2020-2021, we will also be offering a 5% discount for online. This is a trial to see if it benefits and we reserve the right to withdraw this at any time (in this case, schools who have already booked online training will still receive the discount even if is yet to take place)

For meetings held online


Fee Structure 2020-2021


If driving, mileage is 45ppm to and from the consultant’s home (Andrew’s postcode is BN2 8HS). The new normal is a tricky time for us all, so we have not raised fees, and in some cases even reduced them.


INSETs are costed on a sliding scale depending on the number of schools attending.

This is to make it affordable for all, and schools are free to share out costs between themselves as they deem fit, so a smaller school in a cluster might pay less than a larger school, for example. We will only invoice the lead school for the whole amount and they can share the costs accordingly.

WHOLE DAY INSET (9am – 3pm):

1 School: £850 (up to 30 participants; schools with more than this will be costed as two schools)

2 Schools: £525 each

3 Schools: £425 each

4 Schools: £350 each

5 or more schools: £320 each.

HALF DAY INSET (up to 2.5 hours):

1 School: £550 (up to 30 participants; schools with more than this will be costed as two schools)

2 Schools: £375 each

3 Schools: £325 each

4 Schools: £275 each

5 or more schools: £250 each.


1 School: £425 (up to 30 participants; schools with more than this will be costed as two schools)

2 Schools: £325 per school

3 Schools: £300 per school

4 Schools: £250 per school

5 or more Schools: £200 per school.


ONLINE TRAINING (60-90 minutes)

Since the start of the initial lockdown, we have worked hard to create a secure online training room with good sound, lighting, visualiser and internet access. This means we are well-equipped to deliver online training and have succesfully produced several webinars and live events. This is more difficult to cost, as theoretically any number of people could join, but we have decided to keep costs experimentally low at the moment as follows:

1 School: £350 (up to 30 participants; schools with more than this will be costed as two schools)

2 Schools: £200 per school

3 Schools: £150 per school

4 or more Schools: £125 per school



These are different to INSET ‘delivery’ days. They are designed for a small group of your teachers to work alongside one of our consultants to develop teaching and learning, and can be in-class, out of class, or a mixture. Ideal for SLT or subject leadership to help support them and develop a pathway for mathematics in their setting.

1 School: £750 per day, or £650 per day if 3 or more days booked in a single booking.

 Overnight stays, or travel times of over 2.5 hours each way from the consultant’s home address (as per Google Maps) are charged at £100. Note – you will be charged for EITHER one or the other – NOT both.

These costs apply ONLY to the UK, and only to individual schools or clusters; for conferences or other special events, please contact us for a bespoke quotation.

Keynote Talks: Fees start at £650, depending on location, expected number of delegates, date, etc. Please get in touch with us for further information.


Here is all we require from schools in return:

Commitment to dates and fees: As a small business, we require that payment be made on or before the date of the visit. This helps with cash flow and ensures that we can pay our consultants promptly.

Engagement: For CPD to be effective, it is vital that staff engage willingly with it. This might mean that senior leaders clear their diaries for the day in order to attend the sessions, which will send a clear signal to staff that they value this. Days typically run from 9am to 3pm, with appropriate breaks, though these timings are flexible.

Open-Mindedness: Many things will be familiar, others will be new, and it is important that staff are both able and willing to reflect critically on their own practice in the light of the CPD.

We realise that unforeseen things can happen, so cancellations can be made at least 8 weeks in advance without penalty. However, any later than this is likely to impact on our ability to fill the date, so we will invoice for 50% of the fee, as well as any un-recoverable travel costs that may already have been incurred, such as hotel bills or train fares.