The Leitner Flashcard Project

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We are all familiar with flashcards, but did you know that by implementing them in a structured way you can MASSIVELY increase children’s retention of information?!

This brand new, instantly downloadable resource, is a part of the Fluency Project, aimed at recovering children’s mathematical confidence and fluency after missing out on regular practice.

‘Use it or lose it’ is a truism – this pack will make sure it’s the former! I genuinely believe that using this system virtually every child, even those who have previously struggled, can master their multiplication tables with perfect recall in just four weeks.

What’s included that makes this different from other flashcards?

Firstly, you get cards sorted into sets that include number-bonds; such a vital mental resource for children to have at their disposal.

Secondly, you get A4 printable nets of three special boxes, with instructions for assembly – no glue required!

Thirdly, you get instructions on how to combine the cards with the boxes for maximum retention.

Fourthly, you get a series of seven short videos walking you through the entire process!

This really is a game-changer. And for the low price of just £20, you may make either hard copies or electronic copies for every single child in your school! Better still, we are able to do this for just £5 during the current lockdown, to ensure that every school and home-educator can afford it. The book contains EVERYTHING YOU NEED!


The videos can be accessed here – the password is in the PDF itself.


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