While face-to-face training is most effective, most of our training can be delivered online at the request of schools. Please get in touch by email if you require any more information.

Sustained Programmes

Sustained programmes offer the most impact and best value professional development. They typically take place at regular intervals over the course of a term or a year, and help teachers try out, discuss and embed best practices in a collaborative fashion.

Currently planned programmes for 2021/22 include:

  • Talk and Language in Maths
  • Lesson Study Trio Programme
  • Manipulatives_ the CPA Journey
  • NQT/RQT Coaching Programme
  • TA Coaching Programme
  • Integrating Fluency and Reasoning into every maths lesson
  • Bar Modelling
  • Variation and Lesson Design
  • Place Value

One-off CPD

Many times schools need a training session on a specific area of maths, such as Calculation, Bar Modelling, fluency, etc. but are unable to commit to a sustained programme. To support such schools, we offer after-school, half days or full days as needed.

These days are bespoke, and might include such courses as:

  • Greater Depth
  • Fluency
  • Reasoning
  • Developing a whole-school calculation policy
  • Problem-Solving
  • Bar Modelling
  • C.P.A.
  • Talk for Maths
  • The Deep Dive

Please get in touch on info@andrewjeffrey.co.uk for information about any of these. For T&Cs including fees, please see here.

Webinar Programme

We also have a growing range of webinars that you can access instantly. Click the image to check them out: