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Support and Development Visits
This service is not strictly a course, but rather it is on-going staff development
over a longer term. It involves us working closely alongside a teacher or group
of teachers over an extended period of time (usually a term or two) to develop
aspects of their and the school’s delivery of the mathematics curriculum. This
is an incremental approach which allows time for the effects of any changes to
be assessed, and is currently one of the most popular services that Magic
Message offers.
Ask us about multi-school discounts; this is an extremely cost-effective
way of getting high-quality training at a great price. With some course costing
nearly £300 pounds per person (a ridiculous cost in our opinion), schools
working together could train their entire school for less than the price of
sending two teachers on a course!

Whole School INSET & Courses (for teachers & TAs)
What makes Magic Message unique is the ability of Andrew and his team to
develop bespoke training days based on the needs of an individual school, or
group of schools. This allows us to make the biggest impact in areas where it
is most needed.
However, we do also offer a range of training that can be delivered ‘off the
shelf’. These include, but are not limited to:

Concrete, Pictorial, Abstract

Jerome Bruner shaped the way we understand the learning process, but it is easy to forget or misunderstand the key ideas espoused by his work. This course is suitable for FS to KS3 and will take teachers on a practical journey through theory to intelligent practice, and help make maths make sense to children.

Mastery through Fluency, Reasoning and Problem-Solving

A lot is spoken about Mastery, but what is it? In this course we will look at how this is quite an old idea, but also discover way in which we can use the 2014 curriculum to teach in a way that encourages mastery rather than superficial learning. This is a practical day, but based on sound theory.

Singapore Maths and Bar Modelling

What is it that they are doing in Singapore that has propelled them to the top of the league tables? Surprisingly, it is very simple things; a mixture of theory and consistent practice. We can show you the what, why and how, including bar modelling for beginners, variation theory, and more.

Subject Knowledge
This course will cover the top things you need to know, together with some
practical ideas to help you teach it. Can include ‘teaching the tricky bits’, such
as algebra, place value etc.

Starting with a Bang
The way we start our lesson can determine its success or failure. This course
looks at over 20 fabulous starter activities across a wide spectrum of the
mathematics curriculum, all of which have been chosen to get children thinking
and excited about maths.

Developing a whole-school Calculation Policy
Frequently schools lack consistency in calculations, and this course will take
staff through a whole range of calculation strategies, and help schools decide
on the most appropriate progression through informal, mental and written

Using and Applying: Fluency, Reasoning and Problem-Solving
Too often thought of as merely ‘word-problems’, problem solving is frequently the least-effectively delivered aspect of maths, despite being the key aim of the 2014 curriculum. This very popular course is available both as a whole
school INSET day, or as separate days for key stages 1 and 2.

Often a tricky thing to get right, assessment is what takes place every day in a
maths lesson. This course tackles the why, the when, the who, the what and
the how of effective assessment.

Maths for the Timid!
Aimed at TAs or teachers who lack mathematical confidence, this course will
look at the KS2 curriculum, and through collaborative learning will break down
many barriers and misconceptions about aspects of maths that often cause
confusion and fear. The activities learnt in this course are transferable to the
classroom, making this a truly valuable course that will boost confidence in
adults and children alike.

Creativity in Mathematics
Teachers and pupils often feel that maths can be a bit of a dry subject. If your
children (or you!) seem less than enthusiastic when it’s time for maths, this is
the course for you. We will look at why and how children learn mathematics
best, and consider a whole range of activities that encompass all learning
styles and are guaranteed to support children’s learning in an enjoyable way.

Effective Use of Practical Resources
Multi-sensory learning has long been understood to be the most effective way
to help the brain take on new ideas. This very hands-on day is designed to
help teachers maximise the use of practical resources that are already lying in
the cupboard, or which might perhaps be going on the list next time budgets
are set! Some popular things such as geo-boards, Dienes, Number cards, place value counters and Cuisenaire
rods will be used, as well as some other ideas like Numicon, etc.

Extending the Faster Graspers in Key Stage 1 and 2
We all have a range of abilities, and sometimes it is easy to forget that the
most able need to be challenged. This course will provide you with the tools to
do just that, drawing on a range of ideas, activities, and techniques to ensure
that you are equipped to help your most able mathematicians fulfil their

Practical Differentiation in the classroom
We have come a long way since the ‘3 different worksheets’ approach, and
this course will show you the best ways to get the whole class involved in
mathematical thinking at a level appropriate to them, by implementing a range
of techniques.

Every Lesson is an Algebra lesson!
This course is about the importance of generalising, predicting and pattern-spotting
right from the time children join reception up to the end of year 6 and
beyond. Helping children to think in this way is one of the greatest gifts we can
give them – it’s so much more than finding the value of x!

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