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“What a great day – I feel really inspired now!”
“Thank you – if only you had been my maths teacher when I was at school!”
“It makes so much sense to hear you explain things like that!”
“Wow – I wish my teacher training course had had you!”
“I wish all the staff could have heard that – not just the maths teachers!”

The above are just some of the many genuine comments that people have made after working with us. If you feel these may not be representative, here are many more.

What is it that makes Andrew Jeffrey, along with his team, one of the most sought-after education speakers in the country?

For some it is his exceptional communication skills. For others it may be Andrew’s vast experience of being at the chalk-face, his pacy and clear delivery style, his ability to make the most complex issues seem simple, his friendly, helpful and approachable manner, his mixture of humour and scholarship, or his unique magical visual aids.

For the budget-conscious, or for those who cannot give as much notice for any reason, Magic Message also has a small, carefully-selected team of maths consultants to help deliver Magic Message training in a range of mathematical areas.

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So, if you are looking for high-quality maths INSET that will:
Reveal what is at the heart of all learning in maths, and how to ensure that all children get the chance to understand it
Provide teachers with lasting motivation and enthusiasm
Encourage all staff to view maths positively
Give easy-to-follow explanations of how children lean best
Leave your staff with concrete ideas for teaching key concepts
Give you great ideas for developing and using resources
Increase confidence levels of both staff and pupils
Teach staff how best to get children doing problem-solving
Show teachers how to support their less able and extend their most able
Teach you 20 fabulous ways to kick-start your lesson to ensure maximum engagement and understanding,

then why not get in touch today?

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