Welcome to the very first blog for the new site. I often wonder about the different reasons people write blogs. These probably include:

1. Having no other way to express themselves easily

2. Drawing attention to an idea or service

3. Enjoying the process of formulating a though or concept in a way that makes it accessible to others

4. To engage in debate around a current area of interest.


I have no particular thoughts on how this blog should look. I can see that at times it might well be any one of the above, and I am happy with that. I might draw attention to education stories, family stories, magical tales, or anything that takes my fancy. I usually find something fascinating or worthy of attention wherever I happen to be. Life is so rich that we rarely have to go far to find its richness – if you don’t know the ‘Acres of Diamonds’ story I heartily recommend it and its not-so-subtle message.