A shepherd asks his sheepdog how many sheep are in the field. The dog answers “40”.

“I thought we only had 36′, replied the farmer, puzzled.

“Ah yes, sorry.’ replied the dog.

“I rounded them up.”

There are three kinds of people in the world:

Those who can count, and those who can’t.

Never argue with 90 degree angles: they’re always right.

Why was 6 afraid of 7?

Because 7 ate 9.

Why did the chicken cross the Möbius strip?

To get to the same side.

A black, a white and a ginger cat are sliding down a roof. Which will fall off first?

The one with the smallest mew...

Why are maths teachers so sad?

They always have problems.

Why do teenagers travel in groups of three?

Because they can't even.

Two people go into any empty house, yet a moment later three people come out.

A physics, a biologist and a mathematician were watching.

The physicist said “We have to assume there was an error in the measurement.”

“No”, said the biologist. “They must have reproduced.”

“I don’t know about that”, replied the mathematical, “But I do know one thing. If another person goes into the house now, it will be empty.”

What does the 'B' stand for in Benoit B Mandelbrot?

Benoit B Mandelbrot?