In 2017 we introduced our range of masterclasses – these  range from Problem-Solving days to Bar Modelling days to Numicon days to Maths puzzle days (including Kenken etc.) to detective whodunnit days to Shape Puzzle days – if it’s in the curriculum, we can run a day on it! All our facilitators have DBS certificates of course, and are experienced teachers in their own right. We do not employ inexperienced people just to save money.

We also run “Faster Grasper Days’ these are for children who seem to get mathematical concepts faster than their peers, and who may have been labelled as ‘gifted’ or ‘talented’. This allows them to go deeper and try out some maths that they might not have seen before.

But to be honest, our favourite days are the ‘Slower Grasper’ days. Too often there are groups of children for whom mathematics remains at best a mystery and at worst a terrible struggle. We are specialists in raising confidence and attainment of such children, and want to stop them thinking of themselves as the ‘less able’.

Fees: in line with our company policy of openness and integrity, our fees are transparent and as follows for the UK:

Half Day: (2 sessions in the morning or afternoon) £350 ex vat

Full Day (3 sessions, 2 in the morning, 1 after lunch) £450 ex vat

Travel is 45ppm from the home of whoever presents the workshops. We use Google Maps to determine the round-trip figure. Contact us if you are interested.