Greater Depth in Primary Mathematics PDF


Finally, a book that makes sense of Greater Depth! How to ensure that all your children get a first-class maths education.


(NB: this is the PDF version only. For a hard copy or Kindle Version, please visit this page). Maths is seen as confusing by many, yet it does not have to be this way. With good teaching, careful practice, and the right examples, there is no reason why anyone cannot succeed. In this book, you will learn about the characteristics of Greater Depth, how to avoid shallow thinking, and ten solid techniques for ensuring that your children get the best possible experience of mathematics.


Part one talks about the four key characteristics of GD: Curiosity, Metacognition, Making Connections, and Open Questions.

In part two, Andrew takes you through ten excellent teaching strategies: Why is this the answer, And Another, Same/Different, Always/Sometimes/Never/How not What, What’s Missing, CPA, Which is Hardest, Who Heard, and What if? In each strategy you will learn what it is in a nutshell, then read about how it looks, and finally see an example for Key Stage 1 and another from Key Stage 2.

“I’d like to see this as essential reading for every hub mastery workgroup in the country” – Dr. Helen Williams

“Last night I purchased and read your Greater Depth book. As I worked my way from beginning to end I found myself constantly nodding, as every word rang true and made so much sense” – Matt Lovell

“Dear Andrew – what a fabulous book! Thank you! I will recommend it widely. You made me smile, think, wonder, notice and do some maths – a winning combination” – Jan Hedge

“Dear Andrew,
I have just finished reading your new publication, from cover to cover. Thank you. I really enjoyed reading it as so much of it resonated with me. My maths lessons haven’t gone particularly well this half term; from Monday I know they will be better, not perfect but better.” – Suzanne Fielder

A4, 78 pp. Please note this PDF book will be delivered electronically. Kindle and paperback copies are available on Amazon.

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