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Average Speed on Motorway idea

Here is a problem based around two signs I saw on a motorway a few years ago. It would make a perfect ‘real-life’ starter for a lesson on average speed.

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Playing with Area
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NEW OFSTED Arrangements, 2015

Want to know what OFSTED are saying about the inspection process from September 2015? Here’s the official word!

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Arithmetic Races Free Samples

Consistently voted one of the most popular activities on Magic Message INSET days, here are some sample races to get you started. If you enjoy these, why not consider becoming a member school, and have free access to all 100 races for your entire school? Or just treat yourself to the whole set of 100?

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Roman Numerals Worksheet

A simple introduction to Roman Numerals for Years 3 and 4, including any teachers  or TAs who may need a simple, short refresher!

It contains a few simple rules, a list of numerals, and some carefully chosen practice examples.

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Place Value Counters

If you’ve attended any of my primary training you will almost certainly recognise these. Here is a simple set to get you started.

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0-999 Place Value Cards

Sometimes referred to as ‘arrow cards’, these are an invaluable tool for KS1 and KS2 children learning place value and decomposition.

Member Schools  have access to decimal cards as well.

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Napier's Bones

If you have never seen this method of multiplication made famous by John Napier, these are definitely worth a look! These are an ideal accompaniment to our KS2 Science Museum Video.

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Place Value Chart

The chart originally designed by Caleb Gattegno will help your children apply their understanding of Place Value and how multi-digit numbers fit together.

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Tables Tricks

This has proved to be one of our most popular downloads over the years, especially with parents. The secret of maths is to use patterns to make life easier for ourselves (for example, what is 1 million plus 1 million? How do you know?)

This book reveals a series of well-known and less well-known patterns to help children master their multiplication tables in a fun way.

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Maths at the Drop of a Hat sample activity

Here is a sample activity from our popular book, Maths at the Drop of a Hat. Try it for nothing – if your class like it, why not treat them to the whole book?

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Blank Copiable Tangram Sheet

Nothing flashy, but for those times when you need a quick ‘print, copy and cut out’ tangram, this one is for you! Great for Reception to A-level, and hugely popular the world over.

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Number Crossword

Useful for helping children to spell the names of numbers (as required by the NC) in an interesting way. It is what you think it is!

Members will have access to further examples – expected August 2015.

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Fractions Cards

The 2015 Curriculum requires KS1 children to calculate with simple fractions. Here is a copiable resource that will help with that.

School members can have access to a further, compatible set, which includes thirds, fifths, sixths and tenths. We will also soon be adding a video showing how to calculate with them.

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What's The Same, What's Different?

I was introduced to this activity by the ATM, and wanted to produce a short set of sample activities to help teachers get started.

Once you have got the hang of it you won’t really need the book, but until then it provides frames and ideas.

It’s great fun, it promotes deep thinking, and yet it’s easy to get into.

And it’s free – so what are you waiting for?!

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Magic of Maths Teacher Notes

These are ONLY relevant for those schools who have had a visit from the Magic of Maths show; the file is encrypted and not readable without the pass key.

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Chocolate Magic!

If you’ve seen Andrew present a workshop with a big bar of chocolate, you’ll know exactly what this is! If not, you won’t be able to open it anyway!

Feel free to copy it for use in your own work ONLY.

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Photocopiable Pegboards

Pegboards are fantastic for exploring mathematical ideas, but those ideas can then be tricky for children to record, so these sheets may be the answer. This document contains 3 A4 pages, each containing six 3 by 3, 4 by 4 or 5 by 5 boards for recording on. Photocopying is permitted.

Also useful for classes where you just know that elastic bands would be a disaster!

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NAMA's Five Myths of Mastery

This document, produced by the National Association of Mathematics Advisors, contains much key information to dispel many of the myths and misunderstandings that surround the concept of mastery in maths. Recommended.

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Ten Steps to Bar Modelling Success

This is a useful breakdown of the steps to take when using bar models to solve problems.

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Mini Counting Stick

Cut out and create this handy mini-counting stick made from a single sheet of A4!

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