Sam Allmann: Sam is one of the first people ever to be entrusted to deliver the Magic of Maths show. The son of two teachers, yet remarkably unscathed, Sam is a trained actor and member of Equity, and children will not fail to be bowled over by his passion and communication skills.

Kevin Chamberlain: Kevin and Andrew first met at a Christian Magicians conference, and both went on to have separate successful careers. They met again in 2014, and Andrew invited Kevin to be the first ever ‘new’ presenter of the Magic of Maths show. Kevin is a highly expert magician, and your children are guaranteed to be amazed!

Elizabeth Gibbs: A former teacher and LA consultant, Liz is a dynamo full of common-sense ideas and a no-nonsense approach. Her vast experience has led her to become a much-requested member of the team. She has extensive knowledge of schools in Asia, and together with Andrew her co-author, runs annual training there.

Andrew Jeffrey: Founder of Magic Message, Andrew has been described as a ‘maths evangelist’. Passionate about children and how and why they do and don’t learn mathematics, Andrew brings years of classroom experience to his work, as well as his consultancy and support services for teachers. Andrew is frequently called upon to deliver keynote talks at conferences, both home and abroad. Part of both the Numicon writing and training teams, and creator of the Magic of Maths show, Andrew now spends his time writing, supporting and training teachers.

Caroline Spencer-West: Caroline did not like maths at school, and would be the first to say that wasn’t always particularly good at it. She is now, though, and her experience makes Caroline a particularly empathetic consultant. She is an expert at creating engaging activities that will not frighten children off! Caroline works for NCETM, and is always up-to-speed with what is happening in mathematics.