introducing a totally new mind-reading show:



The word 'influencer' has entered our lexicon in a new way recently, to describe someone who shapes opinion on social media.
But in the REAL WORLD who REALLY influences us? And more importantly, whom do WE influence?


The show contains seemingly impossible predictions of thoughts, words, numbers and images.
What's more, Andrew will demonstrate the seeming ability to influence choices and decisions using subtle cues and psychology, and demonstrate just how vulnerable we are to a whole range of outside influences.


Andrew introduces the show with a powerful demonstration of the power of persuasion. Five members of the audience are invited to try to make a free choice and ignore the influence that is put upon them. The ending is as surprising as it is hilarious!

Throughout the show,  several members of the audience are invited to think of words, pictures and numbers. without succumbing to influence. Once or twice they even try to exert influence on each other and transfer thoughts to each other.

 The show ends with what appears to be just an innocent game of noughts and crosses, but the stunning finale will leave your audience gasping!

But worry not, there is nothing sinister at play here – Andrew is a trained mentalist, and likes to combine his five senses with a knowledge of both magic and psychology to create the illusion of a sixth sense.

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Frequently asked questions

It has never been more important that young people are made aware of just how easily they can be manipulated.

Influencer achieves this in a fun and memorable way, which will make young people more aware of, and hence more capable of guarding against, the many influences with which they are bombarded on a daily basis.

INFLUENCER is primarily aimed at anyone aged 11 and over. There is nothing unsuitable for younger pupils than that, but the key messages are aimed at older age groups who are more constantly exposed to advertising and social media.

After a year and a half of not performing shows due to the global pandemic, I was asked to put on a 30-minute show in a marquee at the Steyning Festival in the summer of 2021.

It was impossible to predict in advance who would be there, so rather than do  a normal magic show I decided to put together a few of my favourite mentalism ideas and routines. The idea of the title made me think about how this could be used as a valuable educational tool as well.

Surprisingly, no! Although it has taken a lifetime of experience to learn the skills needed to put this show together, and the fact that I am pretty confident that NOBODY ELSE is offering anything like this to schools, I am keen to reach as many people with the messages from the show as possible. 

As an introductory offer, therefore, for the first five schools that wish I will gladly come and perform the show for just £250 (one performance) or £350 (two performances) plus travel costs.

HERE'S some of the feedback from the inaugural performance of 'INFLUENCER':

Hi Andrew, It was great to meet you again yesterday and have time for a good chat. And... thank you so much for that wonderful "Influencer" performance. The feedback after the show was very enthusiastic. You are doing what seems to me to be useful, relevant, inspiring AND fun!!
Adrian Gobat
Steyning Festival Committee
Hi Andrew, I was really amazed at your influencer show during the Steyning festival recently.I like to think I am pretty good with numbers but what you were doing seemed impossible.
In these times of mass social media , it is a valuable lesson to highlight how easily influenced we can be.Good luck with your ongoing work in this direction.
Audience Member

For more information or to book, please get in touch