Magic for Kids


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Our best selling book ever! This A4 book is a one-of-a-kind. How would you like to learn 25 magic tricks from a professional magician who is also a teacher? Better still, how would you like to learn some maths in a fun way? This book can help! Magic For Kids (of all ages) is a clearly written, beautifully illustrated and professionally typeset publication. It includes Magic Maths, a huge range of mathematical tricks which both teach and entertain. The world of magic has never seen anything quite like this before: this was a labour of love in which Andrew is sharing many of his favourite magic maths tricks for the first time.

Suitable for adults and children alike, there are 25 tricks with dice, cards, and good old pencil and paper. You won’t need to go out and spend money on expensive props; just read through the pages and you will soon be amazing (and educating!) your friends at work and school.


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