The Y3/4 Dodecahedron Diamond Mystery PDF


Dodecahedron Diamond Mystery – can children use their maths skills to catch the thief?

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This fabulous mystery activity teaches children problem-solving skills, as well as offering them practice at lots of key skills from the Y3 and Y4 National Curriculum.

Someone has stolen the famous dodecahedron diamond – can the children find the thief, using their mathematical detective skills?

This professionally-produced PDF package comes with:

High-quality clues and images, which can be printed out to allow many children to access this task simultaneously.

  • A short humorous video introduction which sets the scene and throw out a challenge
  • A set of suspects together with their various attributes
  • Teacher notes making this a breeze to administer
  • All you have to provide is pencils and paper and you are ready to get going!

This forms part of a series of diamond mysteries; currently there are two versions (this one, and the Y5/6 version) and soon there will hopefully be a Y1/2 version. Sneakily, both versions lead to the same solution, so it is possible to have the whole of KS2 working on this problem at a level appropriate to their age and ability. Further updates are also planned, to allow different outcomes. Weeks of work and testing has gone into this – we really hope you love it as much as we do!