The Year 3 ‘Smart Motorway’ Project: Site Licence



N.B. This is for use within one whole school site. You may use any of the included resources in any class within the school. If you only need to use this with one Y3 class, you can make a significant saving: please click here.

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Year 3 is a big year. The move to formal calculations, and working with numbers up to 1000, mean that children MUST have a solid grasp of the Key Stage One Curriculum.

BUT – with two years of disruption to their education, it is inevitable that some children will have gaps. That’s why this programme exists.

For 25 days at the start of the school year, children will revisit key ideas from KS1. There are quizzes, games, puzzles and more to ensure both fluency and reasoning are covered in detail.

Greater depth is provided too with the daily “WHAT ELSE” game; children have to use the fact they are given to work out lots more!

Language too is important, so every day there is also a word of the day, which children practice using in context.

Facts are also revisited regularly throughout the 25-day period to improve their retention.

With this purchase, you are receiving a complete 5-week programme, ready to go. See this page for lots more detail.


As well as the welcome ‘READ THIS FIRST’ document, 7 files are included in the download:


Y3_Smart_FactsOfTheDay:  Each day you will look at a key idea form the KS1 curriculum, as well as related facts. This document contains all 25.

Y3_Smart_Quiz: All 25 daily facts in a quiz format. You can use this regularly before, during, and after the programme to check progress.

Y3_Smart_Daily_Routine:  This outlines how each lesson looks. To get you started, the first three days are outlined in detail. It also contains several examples of practice games you can play to help with embedding.

Y3_Smart_UsingThePowerPoint: Detailed instructions for the next file:

Y3_Smart_Facts.pptx: The pupil-facing PowerPoint, containing all 25 facts and language. A menu is included.

Y3_Smart_Resources.pptx: A4 printables (worksheets, digit cards, etc.)

Y3_Smart_Wordsearches: As it sounds. Number names and multiples.


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