DVD: What’s The Trick?



Join well-known double-act Andrew Jeffrey and Rob Eastaway as they present a live show to KS3 pupils in Greenwich Theatre.

A four-camera professional production, this is high-quality maths presenting at its best, and a resource you will use with your classes again and again. As one of the presenters, Andrew is permitted to sell these at a discount – just 11 including P+P.

Hosted by Matt Parker, a.k.a. the stand-up mathematician, the DVD also features a fascinating Q+A session with Rob and Andrew as a bonus.

In ‘Games with a twist’, Rob plays a series of entertaining and unusual games with teenagers to show how maths can give you the edge when it comes to strategy and winning money.

In ‘Mathematical Magic’, Andrew Jeffrey demonstrates five amazing magic tricks that feature calculators, some rope, and the trick that fooled Einstein, and explains the simple algebra behind them.


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