Class Set of 30 ‘We Love Maths’ homework diaries for Y6



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For years primary teachers and parents have been doggedly wrestling with the thorny issue of maths homework.

it takes so long to plan, set, give out, take back in, yet it has no impact on attainment whatsoever!

In fact, there is some evidence that it may even do more harm than good in some cases, as parents can confuse children when they try to help by showing them ‘the right way’ rather than the school’s way!

Finally, these cost-effective books are the answer. Imagine a booklet with ten different engaging games and activities, each of which can be played ten times (or more if you find a favourite!)

Best of all, none of them need setting, marking or correcting! What they do need is an adult having fun with a child doing age-appropriate things such as playing cards or dominoes or thinking about shapes in their home or local environment.

Think of these as being like a reading diary – what matters is not what topic they are doing, but that they are spending time growing their mathematical muscles. An adult initials when a task is complete – and that’s it!

Best of all, the price is insanely low – just £40 for a class set for the entire year!


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