100 Top Tips for Maths Teachers



This book was written in the light of 20 years in the classroom. (For the PDF version, click here.)

Would you like to inject new life and enthusiasm into your teaching?
Do you sometimes struggle for fresh, workable ideas?
How would you like your students to look genuinely excited when they realise it’s time for your maths lesson?
Do you struggle to get your pupils to enjoy their learning?
Would you like to be excited at the thought of teaching your next maths lesson?

If you’ve mentally given any ‘yes’ answers, you probably need to read this book!

100 Top Tips has been twenty years in the making! It represents much of what Andrew Jeffrey has learnt in his career as a teacher of the greatest subject in the world! One of the first people to read it (the Head of Maths at a specialist secondary school in London) promptly bought ten licenses so his entire department could have a copy, and declared that this book should be classified as essential required reading for all new and experienced teachers of mathematics alike! Depending on the size of your school, a license for each maths teacher in your school could cost less than a good meal out for two!


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