Bar Modelling Table Cards


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I was sitting in a cafe one day in 2018 when I had an idea. In the centre of the table was what is known as a ‘table talker’, an advertising card in the shape of a triangular prism with the cafe’s current special offers on. The shape of it meant that everyone could see wherever they were sitting. It dawned on me that this would be a a brilliant way to share information for children in primary schools who often sit in groups around tables, meaning that for some of them any instructions are always the wrong way up.

These Bar Modelling Cards are the first of what will hopefully be a series of cards designed to sit in the middle of a table so that ALL children can follow the steps until they are fluent. They come flat-packed and simply fold together with pre-glued tabs, and for just £10 including postage and packaging you will get a set of FIVE high-quality laminated, professionally printed cards to put in the centre of your groups of tables, meaning every child can have access with ease.

They are an ideal companion to our Bar Modelling books!

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