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Maths Mats


The fourth arm of the Fluency Project, and the one that has taken longest to get absolutely right. Beautifully and painstakingly designed, this PDF set of six A3 mats pick out key curriculum knowledge from Years 1 to 6. Print them out, laminate them, and allow children to have them on desks. (Don’t forget to turn them face down for tests!)

The mats are intended to make children more independent, as they will soon learn to search the mats for support, and to remind themselves of the maths they might need in any given situation.

What’s more, to ensure that everyone can benefit from this no matter what their budget, this site license includes permission to make a mat for every child in your school – for ever! You never have to pay for these again – when they eventually wear out, just print another set from the PDF!

UPDATE: (25/2/2021) Thanks to a brilliant suggestion from teacher Jo Leftley, there is now a second set of mats. These are identical to the first set, save for the fact that they do not mention Year groups. This means that you can use a more basic mat where appropriate without risking upsetting a child, since instead of Y1, Y2, etc.  it says Mat A, Mat B, and so on.

And the cost of this new set? ABSOLUTELY NOTHING! That’s right – there is no catch; it will automatically be added to your order when you receive your download email.



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