A simple 5-week programme

25 lessons, including 'Fact of the Day' and 'Word of the day'. Games and activities are also included.

key aspects of Key Stage 1

Place value, inverse operations, part-whole models and arrays are all included.

Easy to dEliver

Professional PowerPoint, Supporting resources, fully hyperlinked, extensive teachers notes. Children will love it!

Bonus rEsources

The included games, activities and word searches all help children embed number names as well as the 2x, 5x and 10x multiplication tables.

What's the big idea?

The sheer number of big mathematical ideas introduced in Key Stage 1 is huge. In fact, children are arguably introduced to more new mathematical concepts in years 1 and 2 than in any other two-year period of compulsory schooling

Multiplication and division, Inverse operations, commutativity, place value, partitioning (and more) are all fundamental parts of this vital two-year phase. If children do not master these crucial early concepts, then accessing the Key Stage 2 curriculums it jumps to formal calculations, hundreds, etc,  is nigh on impossible, and they are at risk of playing catch up for the rest of they school career.,

It’s no secret that the past two years have been seriously disrupted. For children entering Year 3, those two years were Key Stage 1.Which should have been a wonderful two years of exciting mathematical discovery. And for some, that will indeed have been the case.

But for others, the disruption means that they will be on the back foot. And that’s simply not fair. So this programme uses the principle of the Smart Motorway. When such motorways identify or anticipate trouble ahead, they slow the traffic right down at a point a few miles before the problem, allowing everyone time to get through safely, and ultimately, faster than it would have otherwise taken.

Facts of The Day

25 days work of lessons, each based on core concepts from Key Stage 1 such as place value, inverse operations and more.

Supporting Resource Bank

Instantly accessible printable resources and activities to support lesson planning and delivery

Quiz for Assessment

Everything on a single page, for you to easily assess every child. Use it before, during and after the programme to check on progress.

Wordsearches and Games

To help familiarise children with mathematical vocabulary such as number names, multiples. Maths can be hard AND enjoyable!

Frequently asked questions

Each day, for the first 25 days of Year 3, children start by discussing a fact of the day and a word of the day. They then go on to find related facts, and use equipment to model and predict these.

The whole programme is available as an instant download. It contains 25 interactive daily Powerpoint lessons, full teacher instructions, suggestions for ‘greater depth’ tasks and use of practical equipment. (schools must supply their own equipment). Detailed lesson plans for the first few days re also there to get you started, plus the all-important related facts that help children make connections for all 25 ideas.

There is also a spreadsheet of all 25 ideas, plus suggested related facts to help children make those all-important connections between areas of maths. Extra resources are included to support teachers with planning, such as number word searches, activities, and more. You also get a printable quiz to use as an assessment and to check progress.

Yes, but it is very simple and full instructions are included. It will take only a few minutes to understand and prepare the programme for use in your class. Nevertheless, full lesson plans are provided for the first three lessons to help teachers time to familiarise themselves with the programme.

It was actually an idea born during a zoom meeting with Liz Thomas and Deb Ferris from South Gloucs. LA. I hadn’t really considered the impact of the last two years having so disproportionate an effect on this particular cohort, so I’m super-grateful to them!

Because as long as I can generate enough money to cover the cost of the time invested in creating the project,  I’m not trying to profit from this project: I’m much more interested in getting this into the hands of as many teachers as possible, as quickly as possible, to help as many potential vulnerable children as possible.

Yes. As mentioned above, this is not about money – simply about getting the programme into the hands of as many teachers as possible to have the greatest possible impact on the children who have suffered the most. So if it’s just you, please visit this link instead.